Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday: Kids' Parties

Hi! Thanks for joining me today as I link up with Andrea at Momfessionals to share my kids' parties! My parents have always been the ultimate hosts, and I think I definitely get my love for party planning from them. As much as I love to plan, I love to throw a fabulous party on the smallest budget possible. Get ready for a LOT of pictures that were taken pre-blog life, and enjoy! 

Trip's First Birthday: Giraffe Party

Have Americans always had elaborate first birthday parties or did this become a thing in the past decade? Trip turned one in 2010, and I had stumbled upon Amy Atlas' blog. This was the first time I learned about having a whole dessert display! (It would still be another 3-4 years until my friend Rebecca taught me about Pinterest! Follow along with me HERE!) 

Trip's favorite stuffed animal was a giraffe named Spot, so we went with a giraffe theme to celebrate. I did everything by hand- even gluing giraffe strips of paper onto brown paper bags for favors and making the birthday boy's party hat (crazy person alert!)

I made a pull apart cupcake cake and used chocolate Tootsie Pops for the little antler things on the number one shaped giraffe. This cake is one of my absolute favorites!

Ari's First Birthday: Hippie Princess

Ari turned one in 2013, so Pinterest definitely helped me out! I don't have the greatest pictures to share with you, but we hosted family and friends with a Hippie Princess taco bar. You can see in the background that I hung up crepe streamers in a rainbow pattern and had a picture from each month of Roo's first year on display.

I made a bunch of big tissue flowers to display around the house, and we had a candy bar of assorted rainbow candies on the dining table.

Looking back, I could've done much better on this cake. It's supposed to be a peace sign with tie-dye cupcakes and rainbow sprinkles.

Tutus are super easy and cheap to make if you have a little princess! I used THIS tutorial.

Trip's Second Birthday: Elmo at the beach

For Trip's second birthday, we took a vacation to Gulf Shores, Alabama. He was super into Sesame Street at the time, so I just picked up some cupcake toppers before we left Houston and had an extremely low key birthday at the beach. It was perfection!

Ari's Second Birthday: Pete the Cat

We moved into our current home about a week before Ari's second birthday, so we didn't host a party and opted to visit the trampoline park as a family. She was obsessed with Pete the Cat at this age, so I got to work on carving a cake to look just like Pete. (THIS was my first pin that I posted to Pinterest!) 

I dressed Ari up as Pete to go to school, and she took her friends some pudding parfaits with the different layers being based on the book, Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes.

I will tell you that I highly recommend that you ONLY use Wilton icing colors to color your cakes. Pre-colored cakes and icings may make your tummies very uncomfy!

Trip's Third Birthday: Dinosaur Party

We were in our old house when Trip turned three, and Ari was just a few months old. I was TIRED! Trip asked to go to the science museum with cousins, and then we hosted some friends and family at home for a super casual dinosaur party. I think we made a brachiosaurus/spinosaurus cake? I don't really know what it was, but my kid loved it, and that's what counts!

Ari's Third Birthday: Mickey Mouse

I had a Mickey Mouse party when I was little, so I loved when Ari asked to have Mickey cupcakes for her birthday! We just sent cupcakes to school, and then we went to the Disney store to pick out a gift for her big day. Super easy! 

My friend sent us this Beast from Disney World! We're so excited for the new movie to come out this year!

Trip's Fourth Birthday: Despicable Lee

Despicable Me 2 came out when Trip turned 4, so we had a Despicable Lee party! Trip invited a few friends, and we took them to see the movie at the theater and then sent them home with a favor bag: a water gun for Gru, cookies for the cookie robots, a moon pie since Gru wants to steal the moon, cheese puffs for caterpillars that never turned into butterflies, and Twinkies for the minions. 

We had dinner at my parents' house that night, and Trip requested a moon cake. I loved that I didn't have to clean my house for this party!

Ari's Fourth Birthday: Paw Patrol Painting Party

Since Trip's fourth birthday was outside of the house, we opted to let Ari have a similar celebration. For her actual birthday, we hit up the rodeo as a family. She then had a few girlfriends meet us at a pottery painting place, and they had the best time! I think a lot of parents get wrapped up in having the most kids in attendance or make sure that their kid gets a thousand gifts, but at the end of the day, I think most kids just care about having fun with their best friends.

Trip's Fifth Birthday: Lego Pool Party

Trip turned five after we moved to our current home, and the poor July baby has been stuck with a pool party ever since! 

We hosted a Lego pool party, and it was so fun! I made this invitation using Powerpoint and Google Images (and no, that's not my actual address!) 

I love when you can just use your kid's toys for the party decorations! 

For party favors, we made bags of chocolate Lego men from THIS mold and put M&Ms in the bags to be Lego Man "poop."

These Lego head cake pops were cute but a total pain!

I made chocolate chip cookie bars and then we iced and decorated them to look like Lego bricks. They were delicious and cute! Target has a line of decorations that look like Legos HERE.

Ari's Fifth Birthday: Ari-Davidson Biker Babe Brunch

This post comes just ahead of the Roo's fifth birthday! We hosted her party this Saturday at home, and I think it is everything she wanted! Aurelia LOVES motorcycles and breakfast, so we hosted a biker babe brunch. Her gal pals brought their bikes and scooters to our house, and I think they had a blast! I will share a recap with you when I am on spring break, so check back here next Wednesday for her party post. 

Trip's Sixth Birthday: Prehistoric Pool Party

On Trip's actual birthday, we made some shark fin cupcakes and took a friend to see Minions. For his birthday party, we went ALL out! 

I learned how to use Photoshop that year (and have since forgotten how to do anything with it!) and made these invitations for Trip's party. 

I love this party- not just because it was fun, but Trip really got into planning it with me and helping me to name everything. 

It was such a hot day that those balloons popped and melted all over my driveway! 

We tried to think of every detail, and we found a lot of great resources on Pinterest. I will keep looking for the exact links, but I have a problem where I go and delete pins once I know that I'm not going to need them again so I can keep my boards cleaned up.

Little Caesar's pizzas are a must for a kid party!

We gave the kids candy and dino toys from the Dollar Tree for party favors.

If you want to learn how to carve a dinosaur watermelon, check out THIS page.

And it wouldn't be a boy party without the mention of poop. Trip requested cake balls for his cake at the party, so we made chocolate dino droppings! So gross but they made my life easy since I didn't have to slice up cake!

Trip's Seventh Birthday: Olympic Pool Party

Last summer, we hosted Trip's seventh birthday at home. I had just started blogging here, so I actually have a party recap for you HERE. Trip loves to swim and with the 2016 Olympics, it was a perfect match (although, if you read the recap, you'll understand why I wanted to take a match to the whole darn thing- AGH!) 

Trip's Eighth Birthday: Fun!

And just because I like to plan ahead, I thought you would like to know that T has chosen to have just 2-3 buddies over for a sleepover and to go somewhere fun like the laser tag place or go miniature golfing. We've had a lot of fun with all of the planning over the years, but I think this next birthday is going to be the best one yet!

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  1. You are the ultimate party giver. I too am an attention to detail planner and you rock at it!! Even down to the Jurassic Park logo on the jeep!!! Well done mama, these sweet kiddos will remember these parties and so will you!!! I bet people love attending any parties thrown by Allie!!

    1. Thank you! He kept the logo to put on his bedroom door, and we had so much fun planning and playing!

  2. Seriously, that giraffe party was amazing!!! Love all the parties!!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad my babies are done with first birthday parties! There's even more pressure these days!

  3. Dang mama, you rock the parties! I am an 80's mom who says, invite your friends, I'll cook, y'all play in the back yard. HA! Yep for real!

    1. Ha thanks! We're headed that way soon. Trip wants to keep it super low key this year for his 8th.

  4. I LOVE that giraffe cake- you are so talented- I haven't even attempted to bake a cake for my girls- I am not a baker and don't trust my ability to pull together something wonderful like this- kudos to you!

    1. Your kids parties looked so fun and entertaining! I enjoy cake decorating and would like to take classes to become better.

  5. Oh my goodness. So many cute parties. I loved them all. I also loved Ari's blue mouth and the Dinosaur watermelon was awesome. I so wanted to do this link up because we had some adorable parties too but you younger girls have it so much easier when it comes to finding the pics. I was going to have to go through a ton of albums to find them and just didn't have time. WAIT...I think I'll whip a quick one on teen birthdays💡 Have a great day Allie!

    1. Give me all the teen ideas- I'll be there before I know it!

  6. These look so fun!! You are amazing at this! Can you throw my next birthday?

    1. YES! :) Thank you for the compliment- I have a lot of fun putting parties together!

  7. Okay for being pre-Pinterest you seriously threw some adorable parties! That giraffe cake is awesome!

    1. Thank you! I think that cake is the one I am most proud of!

  8. All your parties have turned out so cute! Great job! I love the Ari-Davidson theme...very creative!

    1. Thank you! Hoping to avoid copyright prison!

  9. Oh my gosh that Pete the Cat cake is awesome! And I love all things giraffe!! Loved getting ideas for the Lego party....I think that's theme in our house!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank you! The Lego party was so fun and easy! And oh Pete! I never want to eat a blue cake again!

  10. I love all of these party themes. Such fun mama!


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