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What's Up Wednesday: March 2017

Happy Wednesday! Thanks for joining me today as I link up with Mel, Shay, and Sheaffer to share a wrap-up of our March. Make sure to link-up with us and share your month!

What we're eating this week...
Baseball practice has started, and swim team is right around the corner, so I've made sure that my meal plans are in place. I have also set up our weeks to cook a meal in our Crock-pot on Sundays so that it is ready to go for Monday. This week we had a pot roast- a little comfort food to get the week started! Check out the recipe HERE. You can view all of my Try It Thursday recipes on THIS Pinterest page. Make sure you link up with me on Thursdays to share your favorite recipes of the week! 

Last night, I made Andrea Nine's Asian soft chicken tacos, and they were awesome! We made them with ground pork, and I kid you not, one picky princess ate all of her dinner, and the other kid literally licked his plate and asked for seconds. Check out Andrea's recipe HERE

What I'm reminiscing about...
Easter will be here soon, and I just love these pictures from our pachangas of years past! 

What I'm loving...
Target's shoe game is strong right now! I bought THESE pink sneakers a few weeks back and am loving them!

I have THESE sandals in my cart online and am waiting for a sale to hit so I can purchase them. 

And, I'm also waiting to pick up THESE sandals for Ari. 

What we've been up to...
This last weekend, we hosted a bunch of our neighbors for a brunch. We've done a whole lot of baking lately, and I'm excited to share some brunch recipes with you in the next few weeks for my Try It Thursday recipe link-up. I hope you'll join me! 

What I'm dreading...
I definitely love watching my kids play their sports, but the practice, game, and meet schedules can be overwhelming at times. Spring also brings field trips, school projects, and musical performances. My goal for this spring is to not have anyone tell me this:

What I'm working on...
We did a whole lot of organizing over spring break, so now, I've got projects to complete (and by me, I mean Robert!) We've bought giant Lego baseplates to turn into a table for the kids to build on in their game room upstairs like this:

And we're planning to build Ari a zoo cage to house all of her stuffed animals like this:

What I'm excited about...
I got my first Sephora Play! subscription box a few weekends ago, and I'm planning to do a review next Wednesday, so make sure you stop back by here to see what was in my box and how it all worked out! 

What I'm reading...
I am finishing up Laura Bush's autobiography right now (yes, I was reading this last month- I'm a slow reader and haven't been able to commit to the 20 minutes of reading every night!), and when I'm done, I have The Engagements by J. Courtney Sullivan on my shelf. I'm reading all of the books that I've purchased in the past decade and either never touched or started and never finished before I start up with the new stuff. 

What I'm listening to...
I've been playing Pandora's 90's Pop station a lot lately. Mine actually plays more "alt rock" than pop, but I love it. Matchbox 20, Goo Goo Dolls, Train, Hootie and the Blowfish, etc. One of my absolute favorites from the era is Blind Melon's "No Rain." Remember the video with the bumblebee girl?! 

What I'm wearing...
Over spring break, I decided to go through my closet and start grouping outfits together for a few weeks of school outfits. This has gotten me to wear pieces that I forgot that I had or find new ways to wear some pieces. I've definitely been wearing dresses a lot lately because it's already in the 80s and 90s here in Houston. 

Outfit details in THIS WIWW post

This dress is from Old Navy last year, but they have lots of similar styles this season.

I love this dress from Old Navy! I got lots of compliments on it last week, and it can be worn dressed up or down.

Holly at Pink Lady told me to try blush with navy blue, so I listened, and I loved it! 

Apparently the 90s are back with super faded jeans! 

What we're doing this weekend...
Ari has her first baseball game! It's going to be so fun to see her out there playing her heart out! 

What I'm looking forward to...
Summer is right around the corner! Spring break really gave us a great taste of the joys of summer freedom, and my students and I have a countdown going on, and we can't believe we're already in the homestretch. This year has gone by so quickly! While I love my job and students, having multiple weeks off is an amazing feeling!

What else is new...
Robert and I recently started watching Tim Allen's Last Man Standing and it's hilarious! We've been watching 2 episodes before bed each night. And now that I have my DVR app on my phone, I've been able to knock out a bunch of my shows while I cook and clean or get ready in the morning. I'm so excited for Real Housewives of New York and Potomac to come back, plus Southern Charm and Below Deck! (I obviously don't have a problem with reality television!)

Question of the month: What's your favorite spring wardrobe piece?
I would say there are 3 staples in my closet that are pretty much on repeat in the spring and summer (and yes, they're all from Target!) 

I have this tee in probably 10 colors. I feel like there are a lot more color options in the stores than available online, and they go on sale all of the time. 

I have these shorts in about 5 different colors, and again, they always go on sale or run a BOGO deal. 

I have these sandals or Merona's similar styles from previous seasons in black, brown, and pewter. I wear them all of the time, and they're cheap enough to replace every year (or every other year).

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  1. I can't wait to read your Sephora play! review. I have been thinking about starting one of those subscriptions. Hank asked for a lego table for his 4th bday (in May) and we are trying to make plans to build one that can slide under his bed. Kinda like a platform on wheels. We'll see if our idea actually makes it into a finished product.

    1. I'm a little nervous because I took before and after pictures with my makeup- putting that out there on the internet is scary! I love that idea of sliding the table under the bed!

  2. Yay, you made my tacos!!!! Glad you like, now I want to try with ground pork, lol!!! LOVE your new pink sneaks!!! I haven't seen those yet. Can't wait to see how you style them. Aw, I miss t-ball and baseball, so cute when they are little! Great WUW girl and I hope your day goes awesome!!

    1. Those tacos were the bomb! I think we're going to do them as bowls or lettuce wraps next time to cut down the calories, but amazing taste!

  3. Please let me know how "The Engagements" is. Looks good- may pick that up for next month. Also, love your outfits! :)

    1. I will! Hopefully I get better with my reading now that we'll have practices every weeknight!

  4. Good morning, Al! So much goodness in this post!!! Spring does ramp up the schedule, whew! I'm tired thinking about it. Good thing I'm sipping coffee. Last Man Standing has been a favorite since it premiered a few years ago! When you put that on my IG I was channeling to good ole 90's & Tim The Toolman Taylor. Did you realize the "house" in last man is the same house from Home Improvement? They just did a mild shift of the set! Swim and baseball - fun stuff! We have swim and tee ball because little bit isn't quite ready for pitching yet. Oh and the oldest does running club too! Zoo crate = adding that to my list! That is so super cute! Lego tables rock! At one point I wanted to build one for my kiddos but never got around to it as I started chunking Legos left and right due to them never getting picked up. Mean mom! Loving all your tv picks. We are such kindred spirits! Your outfits are great! I have a similar ON dress from last year that I will post up at some point (maybe May.) Sorry my comment became an unabridged novel. xo!

    1. No, I didn't know it's the same house- I love the kitchen! We just started season 2 last night, and I HATE the new actress playing Kristin. I hope I can get over her because I loved the original. The vacuum cleaner steals any Legos that my kids don't pick up, and they don't come back, so my kids are pretty good about putting them away. I just don't want the Legos migrating downstairs anymore!

  5. I need to try those Asian soft tacos! Yum! Target's shoes are amazing this season.

    1. Yes, make the tacos this weekend- so darn good! The shoes are great, but I need a sale SOON! I'm tired of holding out!

  6. I need to read Laura Bush's autobiography! I'm excited to watch RHONY this season. I normally just catch the old seasons when they come on later but this year looks very interesting so I've decided to watch it as it goes along!

    1. Oh you're totally going to have to watch last season really quickly so that this season makes since- there was a lot of Luann drama!

  7. Love those mossimo t-shirts! That zoo cage for her toys is such a cool idea! And so is the lego table-I can't wait to see how they turn out.

    1. I can't wait to see how they turn out, too- here's hoping the hubby follows through!

  8. Summer can't get here fast enough. I'm ready! And after seeing your jeans jacket, it reminds me that I need to get mine back from my oldest. I know people love sharing clothes, but not me. I'm awful at it... I'd rather just buy her, her own. ;)

    1. I'm luckily not there just yet! And yes, my jean jacket is a definite staple, especially with dresses when we go out to chilly restaurants.

  9. I am so going to try those tacos, yumm! We LOVE Last Man Standing. Their girls have the exact same personalities as my three girls, so we especially get a kick out of it lol!!

    1. So we just started season 2 last night and I'm so bummed by the new Kristin- and did the new Boyd age by like 5 years!? Those tacos are awesome!

  10. I just told Keith tonight I was thinking of cooking a roast tomorrow and you just convinced me I definitely should! Thursdays are our busy baseball night with high school games and we won't get home until almost 10. Maybe I'll save the roast for Friday when we can enjoy it! I don't know how I didn't catch sooner that you are so close to me! Dillon actually has 7 on 7 in Missouri City this weekend.

    1. Yes, we're Houstonians and plan on moving to C-Station when we retire. We'd move there now if teachers were paid more. Such a great town! Have fun at the games this weekend (Sugarland has great shopping if you get to escape the game!)


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