Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Tuesday Training: Week 34

Hi everyone! Are you like me and get bored with the same workouts? To counter this, I have been trying a new challenge every month. Last week, I started a squat challenge. I'm enjoying this workout because it's easy to add onto a cardio video or do after a run. It's also super manageable. Try it out today: The 30 Day, 100 Rep Squat Challenge

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Monday, August 21, 2017

Life With the Lees: Weekend Recap 8.21.17

Good morning! We're officially down to the LAST week of summer! This time next week, I'll have a kindergartner and a third grader! The kids went down south last week to stay with their grandma while Robert and I spent the week in our professional developments. Texts from an 8 year old are quite interesting...

Robert went to hang out at the ranch with the kids for the weekend, so after work on Friday, I hit up Old Navy. I had to return the dresses that I ordered last week since they were potato sacks, and I found a great swing dress in store, but it wasn't on sale, so I passed. I did however take a snap of my casual Friday look. I love my new earrings from Target, and my Mossimo sneakers are still so comfy! 

I also hit up Target to do some more returns, and these may have ended up in my cart.

I got some good girl time in with friends at a new nail salon and stopped by Chuy's for lunch. After stuffing myself at lunch, I hit the couch for some school work and tackled my DVR. After sharing my guilty pleasures last week, I tracked down a new Housewives series thanks to a reader! I'm all caught up on the Auckland ladies now! 

I did one last round of returns at Marshalls (remember those sneakers I thought were a steal for Ari and then realized she doesn't know how to tie her shoes!?), and I loved perusing the pumpkins. Although I love Christmas, Halloween is probably my favorite holiday. I've been on the hunt for a black cat statue for 3 years and have yet to find one! 

Robert and the kids came home yesterday, and I'm sad that I didn't get enough time with them before it was off to work and camp this morning! I hope that you had a great weekend, and I'll see you back here tomorrow for a new workout challenge. See you soon!

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Friday, August 18, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! It was my first full week back to work, and I am so looking forward to this weekend!

As a teacher, I really appreciate the work that my kids' teachers do. I've been on a few elementary field trips, and OMG, I was not meant to work in grades K-5! If you're not familiar with the behind the scenes of teaching, most teachers don't receive a lot of financial help with the materials they use in their classrooms, and I think elementary teachers especially spend a lot of their own money trying to create a fun learning environment for their students. There is a special place in heaven for these teachers, so every year at Meet the Teacher Night, we take a small gift for the kids' new teachers. Also, I have working mom guilt, so I like to give the teachers a little something to say, "Thanks for taking care of my kid- call me if you need me, but you probably won't see me much this year! K bye!" Here are some ideas we've used in the past or plan to use in the future:

1) Flair pens

This year, we're gifting our teachers with some Flair pens and a small Target gift card. Teachers (both men and women) are addicted to Flair pens, and you know that a Target card will always put a smile on the recipient's face! I got this idea a few years back from THIS post. 

2) Hand soap/sanitizer

I made these for the kids' teachers a few years ago. You can make a tag similar to THIS one, and attach it to a bottle of sanitizer (it's always needed) or to a yummy smelling hand soap from Bath & Body Works. I like that the tag includes your personal information and lets the teacher know that he/she can count on you for volunteer work. Check out THIS post for a cute idea for a smaller pocket sanitizer.

3) Mini wreath

Do you already know your child's teacher well? If you know her favorite colors, college sports team, etc., then a fun mini ribbon wreath is easy to make, and it's something she can keep on her wall or door year-round. I made the one in the picture for our neighbor last year, and then I made a blue and orange one for Ari's preschool teacher since she loves the Florida Gators. You can check out a tutorial HERE.

4) Stationery/note pad

I love note pads, list pads, sticky notes, and stationery! Picking up a simple set or a pad with her initials on it is sure to be appreciated. THIS post made cute tags about having a bright year, but you could certainly just give the paper as is with a cute ribbon and note. 

5) Mini bundt cake

So this picture is actually for Christmas time from THIS post, but I think next year, I'll make or buy some mini Nothing Bundt Cakes to give to the teachers and make a tag that says, "Wishing you nothing bundt a great school year!" If you don't have a Nothing Bundt Cake store by you, I highly recommend THIS recipe. 

Do you give your kids' teachers a little gift to start the year? Tell me your ideas in the comments below!

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I'm excited to do a whole lot of nothing this weekend! I hope that you have an enjoyable and very relaxing weekend, and I'll see you back here on Monday!

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Ladies Who Link: Back to School

Hi ladies! Thanks for joining me today as I link up with Holly at Pink Lady, Tara at Mommy in a Nutshell, Lisa at Coast to Coast, and Trina and Sara at Moms' Coffee Date! Last week, I shared some of the ways I prep for going back to school, so I thought I'd focus today on some of the items I bought for my own back to school closet. 

Tank by Premise at T.J. Maxx

My school colors are orange and black, so I went to Pinterest for some ideas on how to style an orange top. I'm also thinking it would pair well with my new olive cargo vest.

Tank by Paraphrase at T.J. Maxx

It stays hot here in Houston until November, so I can get away with white jeans a little bit longer than most people. I also have olive pants and an olive skirt that would pair nicely with the black tank and can be switched up with different shoes and accessories, but I definitely love leopard flats with green and black!

Tank by Violet & Claire at T.J. Maxx

I'll probably pair this navy tank with my go-to khakis, but I also have a khaki skirt, white jeans, and a dressy denim skirt. I popped into the Talbots outlet the other day, and they had the cutest orange jeans that I think would look super cute with the top, so I'm going to keep my eye on some major sales to pick up the pants. 

Tee by Mossimo at Target

I picked up a maroon tee to show a little more Aggie spirit come fall. I had a hard time finding inspiration on Pinterest in regards to wine colored tops, but I can pair this with olive pants and a denim jacket, black jeans and a camel boyfriend cardigan, or jeans and a black sweater.

Cargo vest by Merona at Target

I'm super excited that I snagged this vest! I have the jacket version of this from last fall, but I think the vest will make for a cute add-on to lots of outfits. I'm on the hunt for a gray t-shirt dress and am coming up empty everywhere I go. I think this first outfit is adorable for fall and winter. Which reminds me, I'm also on the hunt for a leopard scarf- I've never been much of a scarf girl, but maybe I can learn to be? I already have a black and white gingham shirt, and I just picked up some maroon pants, so I can definitely do outfit 2 come fall. I think this vest is going to show up in a lot of pictures later this year! 

Denim jacket by Merona at Target

After wearing the same jean jacket for 12 years, I picked up a new one during Target's 4th of July sale. You've seen me in tons of outfits paired with a denim jacket, but here are 2 outfits I'm excited to recreate!

Ankle pants by Merona at Target

I scored some great deals at Target as they have started phasing out Merona for their new brands. A teacher can always use a good pair of pants in her closet! The first look is super easy to recreate as I have a ton of cardigans in my closet, and I like the look of the slim fit black top with the pants in look #2 (I'll just skip the heels!) 

Pants by Lauren Conrad at Kohl's

I hadn't been into a Kohl's in 15 years until this summer. I received a coupon in the mail, so I went to try a few things on. Lauren Conrad's line was super cute and fit very well, so I picked up these maroon pants to try some new looks for fall. I like that I'll be able to wear them with a variety of tops including black, white, navy, camel, and chambray.

Animal flats from Ross, ballet flats from Mossimo by Target, and bag by Sanctuary from Marshalls

I only picked up 2 new pairs of shoes this year since I still have a lot of flats and sandals that are in good condition. Did I need the animal print shoes? No, I have a bunch, but they are adorable, are made of calf hair, and I like the extra metal hardware. Animal print shoes are treated as a neutral shoe in my closet, and I'll pair them with black pants, khakis, skinny jeans, olive pants, maroon pants, etc.

Do you have any suggestions of things I still need to add to my back to school wardrobe? Where do you buy most of your clothes and shoes? Tell me in the comments below!

Make sure you mark your calendars for our link-up in September, and stop by the other bloggers to say hi! I'll see you back here tomorrow for another round of Friday Favorites- have a great day!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Show & Tell Tuesday: Guilty Pleasures

Hey all! Thanks for joining me today as I link up with Andrea at Momfessionals for her Show & Tell Tuesday series. Today is a fun one- guilty pleasures! Now, I'll tell you that I'm listing what most people would say should be considered a guilt, but honestly, I just love these reality t.v. shows and have no shame to admit it! My life will never be like those featured on the shows, so in a way, they're my version of fictional shows like Game of Thrones is to Robert.

First up, we have Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Sorry, not sorry! I don't look to the girls for their fashion or food choices, but I do think they have a fun sisterhood bond, and I love Khloé! I hope that she finds true love and gets to be a mom one day (and that she'll still lead the pranks against Kris!)

One show Trip and I love to watch together is Lone Star Law on Animal Planet. It is about game wardens in Texas who stop illegal hunting, protect wildlife, and monitor the sale of animals. It's basically the Cops of Texas wildlife. I wanted to be a customs agent when I was in 5th grade, so it's kind of like living out my elementary dreams!

Now, if you've been reading here long, you know that I'm a Bravo-holic. The Mediterranean season of Below Deck just finished, and the latest season in the Caribbean is about to get underway. I love Chief Stew Kate and Captain Lee- they make a great team, and the drama and relationships are fun to watch. Plus, there are some total nut job charter guests!

Another Bravo show that I love is Vanderpump Rules. I really don't love Lisa Vanderpump on Real Housewives, but she is very caring when shown in her work element. I feel a little sad for these people that they're my age and still act like they're in middle school, but it is also really fun to watch the drama unfold. Am I going to be checking out the spin-off starring Jax and Brittany? I've already got my DVR ready to go!

Finally, I live, breathe, and die for the Housewives of EVERY city! I've seen every episode of every season of every city. If I had to choose my favorite city, I'd probably ask to guest star on New York (but maybe just for a vacation episode- I hate cold weather!) And, if you don't believe my die-hard status, I've rounded up my ultimate dream team of Housewives for you:

New York: Dorinda Medley

Atlanta: Shereé Whitfield (With a guest appearance by Kim Zolciak Biermann!)

Orange County: Vicki Gunvalson

Beverly Hills: Erika Girardi

New Jersey: Siggy Flicker

Potomac: Robyn Dixon

Dallas: Cary Deuber

Miami: Marysol Patton (and she has to bring Mama Elsa!)

D.C.: Mary Amons

Melbourne: Chyka Keebaugh

Cheshire: Tanya Bardsley

Do you watch any of these shows? Who would be on your Housewife dream team? Tell me in the comments below, and don't forget to link up with me and my friends for this Thursday's Ladies Who Link. We're sharing more tips for back to school, and I'm going to show you my fashion buys! See you then!