Friday, August 25, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! I've had 2 weeks back to work, but I'm still pretty much feeling like this:

Last year, I asked the kids to tell me their favorites as we started a new school year. I thought it'd be fun to make it a tradition and see how/if things have changed in the past 52 weeks! 

Trip aka "Doodle"

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite food: Jambalaya

Favorite restaurant: La Madeleine

Favorite dessert: Popsicles

Favorite movie: Lego movies

Favorite t.v. show: The Crocodile Hunter

Favorite book: Diary of a Wimpy Kid series

Favorite subject in school: Science

Favorite specials class in school: Art

Favorite toy: Legos

Favorite sport: Swimming

Favorite activity: Play Legos

Ari aka "Roo"

Favorite color: Pink

Favorite food: Hot dogs

Favorite restaurant: James Coney Island

Favorite dessert: Minion popsicles

Favorite movie: Lady and the Tramp

Favorite t.v. show: Clifford

Favorite book: Mercy Watson

Favorite subject in school: Science

Favorite toy: Horse trailer

Favorite stuffed animal: Charlie the basset hound

Favorite sport: Soccer

Favorite activity: Coloring

Do your kids like some of the same things? Tell me their favorites in the comments below!

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I'm so sorry that I've gotten behind in responding to comments and checking out everyone's blogs lately! School has kicked my behind this week, and now, we're preparing to "hunker down" as Hurricane Harvey is to hit Texas this weekend. There is discussion of cancelling our first day of school on Monday due to potential flooding. Please keep all Texans and Louisianans in your thoughts. I hope that you have a relaxing and safe weekend!

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  1. Stay safe with the hurricane!


  2. Sending thoughts and prayers for your safety. I love these little interviews- they are so wonderful to look back on and I so wish my girls were adventurous enough to try jumbalaya- that is awesome!

  3. This is so cute. My son's favorite color is orange and his favorite food is fruit and candy. My daughter's favorite toy is the stuffed animal cow (Moo Moo) that she has had since she was born and her favorite food is tacos. Legos are a win win for both of mine as well - thus the party tomorrow. Eeeek! I hope you are out of the rain bans from that hurricane! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Been worried about you and Harvey!!! LOVE that you asked the sweet kiddos their favs. Hunker down and hope the weekend makes you smile!

  5. I'm sure all this hurricane nonsense has extra worry on y'alls minds. Hope you are in a high area of town. My mom came to my house and thankfully the Hooks have evacuated the team to Round Rock. If y'all need to come to CS I will find room for you!!

  6. Be safe lady! I've been awful at blogging lately, so I'm going to have to read back and see all that you've been up to. Thank goodness for Instagram.

  7. Stay safe and dry, friend! We are "hunkered down" and I think my kids are enjoying the relaxing time at home after the first week of school. No worries about the blog reading and commenting. I love getting comments on my blog, but sometimes I just don't get around to replying to them!

  8. Thinking about you, friend. Hopefully you guys are able to stay safe a dry and maybe catch up on some of their favorite books and movies this weekend.

  9. Prayers continue!!! We ha e familynin beaumont and we keep texting for updates!

  10. Hope you guys are safe and far from any flooding! I can't imagine being a teacher - I imagine you are never caught up. I'm sure there is always something!! Hope you're having a safe and restful weekend!

  11. Such a fun Back to School tradition! It will be exciting to read their responses at the end of the year. Hope you guys are doing well and the flooding isn't affecting you!!

  12. I love that you document their likes and will be able to look back on them. So sweet!


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